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Machine translation of Turkish language has a lot of scope for improvement in accuracy and this is where my specialism in business     translation and asset servicing experience gained in blue chip financial firms come into play. Accurate company news  is crucially important in the financial sector, otherwise, with potential for investors' monetary loss.

I can offer the following services:

  • Company News Translation or Proofreading

     (Full range and daily update of Istanbul

      Stock Exchange company news, rated

      by Ziraat Investments, is available upon request)

  • Pharmaceutical Translation

  • Document/Legal Contract Translation and Proofreading

  • Language Coaching

  • Self Certified Translations

  • Literary Translation

  • Interpretation









About me: 

I am a British Citizen raised in Turkey and have been residing in U.K. since 1988. I am bilingual with native level English and Turkish.


I strive to produce translation with precision in conceptual understanding of source and target language within set deadlines.


Source: Ziraat Investment Securities Research Morning Strategic Report 01/11 2019

Disclaimer: Oz Translation Services accepts no liability for the results of any actions taken on the basis of this information


Pharmaceutical (English to Turkish)

Medicine Leaflet translation of ca. 3000 words for 'Welcome Translation Experts', England.

Legal (Turkish to English)

Proofreading and translation of a Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Contract and its Appendix of ca 5,500 words for 'Turkish Translation Group' www.ttg-online.com


Literature/Short Stories (English-Turkish)

see my translations published by 'Languages on the Web':

Business (Turkish to English)

Document Translation re Automotive Industry of ca. 10,000 words for Restore Document Management,  https://www.restore.co.uk


Stock Exchange Listed Company News translation on ad hoc basis, whilst employed at top tier financial institutions for nearly 20 years.



Client: Social Services for https://linguisthub.empire-groupuk.com/

Language Coaching

Turkish speaking Buyer Risk Investigator at Amazon Services UK Ltd .

See endorsements at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ozlem-riby-11934b16/edit/topcard/



Rates in U.K

Translation per 1000 words:  £50

Editing and Proofreading per 1000 words: £12

Min. Translation assignment:  £25

Rates in Turkey

%50 discount to above rates apply.




Other service rates available on request.

Confidentiality of source and target text is guaranteed.


Please email me for a free and noncommittal quote and include information on your deadline, subject and length of project.

Method of payment: Bank Transfer/Cheque/Paypal

Invoices are issued upon delivery of assignment.


Tel.+44 7905 700 343 

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